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Chrisland School on Tour


Pupils at the Badagry Heritage Museum


It all started with a call from Mrs Wunmi, as she fixed 2nd of July, 2016, for her proposed visit. We discussed at length on the charges and attractions within Badagry and maintained good communication (follow-up) after her first call. She never revealed to me the name of the school that will embark on this tour until that fateful day.

At exactly 9:20am, July 2nd, she called to notify me that they were at the Badagry Roundabout. I was suprised to see Two school buses with the inscription “Chrisland Schools.” I joined the first bus and we moved straight down to the Badagry Heritage Museum which was our first point of call.

Mrs Wunmi introduced herself, likewise other team members as I was informed that this tour was organised by the Parent Teacher Association(P.T.A) to mark this year’s graduation ceremony for Chrisland Schools, Ikeja.

I had no option than to offer the very best for my young visitors whom were seventeen in number with eight adults. We visited the Badagry Heritage Museum, First Storey Building, Mobee Family Slave Relics Museum Brazilian Baracoon and Slave Port.img-20161026-wa0004img-20161026-wa0010


No doubt, the smiles on the faces of our vistors after the tour affirmed a wonderful experience. Mr Akinwunmi, the School Teacher made his comment by saying “this is an excellent tour.”

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