5 Reasons Why You Must Go On An Excursion To Badagry

Aside learning and communicating all day in the classrooms which often creates boredom for students, most schools embark on an excursion which helps ease the mind of students and enable them familiarize with things they have learnt. However, this trip involves visiting attractions or places that are funfilled and academically relevant such as museums, cultural centres, industries, communities, parks, resorts, beaches, etc.

Excursionists at the Badagry Heritage Museum

Nigeria is endowed with several attractions and places that are highly relevant for educational trips. Notable destinations for excursions in Nigeria include: the national museums, airports, national theatre, cinemas, Olumo Rock, Lekki Conservation Centre, etc. Among the mentioned attractions and places, Badagry, an ancient town in Lagos State, remains a tourist destination suitable for excursions. Hence, here are Five (5) inviting reasons why you must go on an excursion to Badagry:


Badagry offers a wide range of stories and information that are of both national and international interest.  There are evidences of Nigeria’s history in the town dating from the precolonial to the post-colonial era which include:

  • i. Facts on the Transatlantic Slave Trade: A visit to Badgry will enable students acquire first-hand information on slave trade and its abolition. They will be opportuned to see relics such as the neck chains, mouth clips, ankle shackles, cannon guns, slave drinking pots and other equipment used during the slave trade era. The obnoxious trade which lasted for over Four (4) centuries was rampant along the coast of Africa. Badagry, became a major slave port along the coast of Africa in the 16th century, accounting for the uncontrolled exportation of enslaved Africans. There are several historical sites that offers information on slave trade such as Point of No Return, Mobee Family Slave Relics Museum, Brazillian Baracoon, Badagry Heritage Museum and Vlekete Slave Market.
  • ii. Facts on the Emergence of Christianity in Nigeria: There are places within the township that offers information on the advent of Christianity in Nigeria such as the First Storey Building, Early Christian Missionary Cemetery and the Agia Tree Monument. Students on tour will be opportuned to see relics such as the first transcribed yoruba bible, photographs of prominent missionaries and the spot where the gospel of Christ was first preached in Nigeria.

    Pupils with the first transcribed Yoruba Bible

  • iii. Facts on British Colonial Rule in Nigeria: Some heritage sites in Badagry such as the Badagry Heritage Museum, District Officers Residence and the Seriki Abass Slave Museum have information about British Colonial Rule in Nigeria. The premises of the Badagry Heritage Museum was the former Badagry District Office, built in 1863. The British Officers stationed at the site, evacuated the premises in 1958, two years before Nigeria gained her Independence.
    A visit to these sites will aquaint and complement what the students have learnt in their classrooms as regards Nigeria’s history.


Aside offering information on some of the historical antecedences in Nigeria, Badagry is a suitable destination for relaxation. Schools can visit the available resorts, beaches and parks for relaxation and fun. Popular relaxation spots in Badagry include:

  • i Whispering Palms: The Resort, which is privately owned comprises of rooms, suites, conference hall, restaurant, tennis courts, game centre, garden, swimming pool, etc.
  • ii Suntan Beach: Suntan Beach is one of the popular sea beaches in Lagos State; well noted for its wide expanse of straw huts and coconut trees. It is an idea spot for excursionist to relax and have fun at the beach front.
  • iii. Aquactic Jungle: The resort is actually a proposed park on aquatic life. It has an immovable aeroplane which offers information on the avaition industry. Student who haven’t boarded an aircraft will have little experience during their visit at the site as they will be entertained and informed on how to board a plane.

    Excursionists at Aquatic Jungle

  • iv. LASPARK: The recreation park was established by the Lagos State Parks and Gardens Agency (LASPARK), located at Idale-Topo, Badagry. it has a a tennis court, gazebos and other games facilities. It is a good spot for excursionists and picnickers.


Badagry is indeed a safe haven for tourists and visitors alike as there are security agencies stationed in the town which include: The Nigeria Police, Army, Navy and Airforce. Aside the presence of the mentioned agencies, the indigenes are culturally conscious of security matters coupled with the availability of their religious groups such as Zangbeto and Oro. The security activities at Badagry makes it safe for excursionists.

Aside the presence of the mentioned security agencies, It is interesting to note that safety measures are being applied during guided tours in Badagry. Life jackets are being given to students who embark on a boat ride across the lagoon. More also, the carry capacity of the boat and heritage sites are being considered during tours.

Students on a boat ride with safety life jackets


The beauty of African culture can observed with the good people of Badagry as it reflects on their dressing, language, music, belief, food, etc. The Ogu and the Yoruba culture makes Badagry a notable centre for cultural activities in Lagos.
Schools on tour can observe and learn more on the unique culture of the Badagry people with a visit to the museums and palaces (palace of the Akran of Badagry and his High Chiefs). However, it is pertinent that excursionists notify the Royal Fathers of their visit before coming.
The Badagry Festival which occurs every August is also an avenue for excursionists to observe the rich culture of the Badagry people. The festival comes with a lot of activities and events that can create an indelible experience such as boat regatta, Zangbeto and Sato performance, etc.

Statue of the Sato Drum which is at the entrance of the town


The attractions in Badagry are many that it will take more than one day to explore all. Aside the heritage sites sites, Badagry is naturally endowed with ecological sites that are safe for excursionists to explore. Excursionists can visit places like the Catholic settlement at Topo island, fishing village at Ilaje, and Gberefu Peninsular popularly known as the Point of No Return.

Slave route at Gberefu (Point of No Return)

Badagry is a good location for camping, Schools usually embark on summer camping as they intend to have an experience far away from their abode of learning. There are accommodation facilities in town that can aid camping. Schools utilize accommodation facilities such as Nigerian French Village and other hotels within the township.

An excursion to Badagry creates a pleasant indelible experience. Aside the fact that the historical sites creates nostalgic feeling, Badagry remains one unique destination that offers maximum satisfaction for students. The natural and cultural attributes of Badagry makes it a preferred destinations for excursionists.

For enquiries for an educative and fun filled excursion to Badagry, contact: John 08066269941 (call /whatsapp).

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